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Chain Reaction Canbera seeks to engage with people to promote and share the Gospel through outreach and events

Chain Reaction Canberra

Leadership Opportunities

Chain Reaction Canberra depends on its leaders. Throughout all events there are many opportunities for everyone to take on some form of leadership.

Outreach Opportunities

We love the opportinities we are given to serve both those close – and further away. Chain Reaction Canberra also seeks to assist existing organisations in promoting their causes.

Growth Opportunities

On various events, camps, and outreaches, there are many opportunities to hear from a range of different speakers, as well as chat with others about your journey.

a little about..

Chain Reaction Canberra

Chain Reaction Canberra is a part of the national Chain Reaction organisation. Chain Reaction seeks to promote all people, especially youth to consider their identity, and provide opportunities to grow and develop their talents, skills, and leadership.