How We Operate

Following a Kings Kids model – Chain Reaction is based on several premises that are foundational to the way we operate.

Special Destiny

There is a severe attack on the emerging generation by the enemy. The attack is aimed at preventing this generation from reaching the special destiny God has for them. Young people need to be discipled to fulfil this destiny. They have a role to play from the youngest ages.

Completing the great commission

This generation has been called by God and has a gifting to bring the gospel to the ends of the Earth.

The goal of discipleship

For young people to grow to develop an intimate relationship with God, so the know Him and can minister for Him.

Intimate friendship with God

Even from a young age a child can have a friendship with God. From a young age they can know God, His character, nature and ways, as they have opportunities to understand what God wants to do, obey Him and walk in faith.

Bringing joy to God’s heart

A primary goal of Chain Reaction is to give children and youth opportunities to minister to God and bring joy to His heart. As young people experience bringing joy to God’s heart through their obedience, they become radical disciples of Jesus Christ.

Spiritual capacity of young people and children

To release children and youth, leaders and parents must understand and believe in their spiritual capacity.

Linking generations

God has a unique purpose and role for each generation to take. They can discover God’s plan as generations link together, with each age group contributing and learning from the other generations.

The role of teens

Teens need opportunities to function in roles of servant leaders to explore their gifts and calling.

Family in ministry

The nuclear and extended family is meant to be a source of blessing to others, and is the one primarily responsible for training children and young people.

Godly Leadership

The leadership strategy used in Chain Reaction is based on Jesus’ model of servant leadership and on team leadership modelled in camps, worship gatherings and relational networks.

“Classroom of Life”

The most meaningful learning occurs in the “classrooms of life”. Outreaches andĀ camps give childrenĀ and youth opportunities to learn and develop a deep proven knowledge of God’s character, nature and ways.

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