Shape event update:

As you know, Saturday night is our first shape event!!! We wanted to share part of the plan with you all to get you praying and get you excited… Here goes!!!

We want you to know that a special focus for this SHAPE event is God’s generosity.

God has been generous to us is so many ways and we want to be generous to others…especially our PNG friends!
There are 8 students and 1 child at YWAM Canberra from Tauruba Village in PNG, being sponsored to do the lecture phase of their DTS. Many of you will know Gemo and Hanua. These are friends from their families village. In Tauruba village they live a subsistence farming lifestyle which means they do not earn money, and grow enough food to feed themselves plus they hunt and fish.
They are now focusing on going to Fiji for their DTS outreach and they need to raise $3000 each for this. They have already seen God work miracles in seeing God get them here, to Australia.

As part of our Shape event we are believing to raise at least $1000 to go to the outreach fees…the first $500 is being covered by Chain Reaction/YWAM (through gifts and free food!!)…which means all money collected for the meal and any extra donations will go to help our PNG friends.

Please come! But even if you cannot make it – we encourage you to pray about how you can help financially.



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