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The trip home

Sadly the outreach time had to come to an end. But the Canberra contingent had two days of travel to get home. So here’s what happened. Suzzi took Xavier and James on a quicker trip to Sydney, while Tim drove the bus and Sandra drove the Tarago to Port Macquarie where we stayed again at the Uniting Church.¬†¬†First stop was just over the border for Krispy Cream donuts. Then onto to South Grafton for lunch. We noticed that the further south we went, the hotter and drier things became. We arrived in Port Macquarie just after 6pm – unloaded our stuff and then went out for team to an all you can eat buffet at the Bowls Club…we arrived a little late – so the challenge was how much can you eat before they closed up…but most of us were up to the challenge! :) Then we walked to the beach and spent an hour in the moon light just relaxing and being refreshed, before going back to bed and another early start.

The second day was Tyson’s actual birthday…so we celebrated it for the 3rd time! He got some presents…we had a special breakfast and then it was back on the road for a long day. First stop was Newcastle, where had to say goodbye to Bianca. Then off again – stopping for lunch at a service centre on the motorway, where we had some Maccas…then back on the road and got through Sydney very well and were on the freeway home before any major traffic build up. Both Sandra and Tim drove the whole way back – and had to recruit talkers to keep us alert! But we made it – arriving safely at 6.27pm (Daylight saving time)…and were met by parents and friends at the YWAM base. Then it was just the Winslades and Tammy who took the bus home (and a birthday tea for Tyson)…so today we pack things away and return the bus…and celebrate that it is finally over – but celebrate even more that God did some incredible things in the lives of so many over the last few weeks. God bless. Dr. Tim.

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